Bringing focus into your life brings your life into focus.

Professional Courage is the parent company of Career Courage

After climbing the corporate ladder, I was confident I could help others do the same. I had a no-nonsense, structured plan for effective career management that had successfully placed me at various levels of diverse organizations. I opened my business, sat down at my kitchen table, and waited for the phone to ring. Soon, the anxiety grew and my bank account dwindled.

Believe it or not, clients did not come knocking down my door. The marketplace did not instantaneously recognize my talent and begin sending opportunities my way. Being skilled and educated did not grant me a free pass to success.

Several months, tears, and late mortgage payments later, I realized that I hadn’t applied my fool-proof system for mastering your career to my own work.

Assess – Brand – Connect

Like so many of the driven individuals I speak with, I was resistant to finding a focus. I pushed back when my coach advised that I take the time to invest in a clear target. “But I can be successful in any market!”, I said. “I don’t want to turn away opportunities!”, I protested.

I had failed to follow my own 3-step approach to career management:

Assess – Identify internal and external factors that drive your actions

Brand – Develop verbal and written tools to promote your value

Connect – Align with the people and opportunities that will secure your future

As a professional, my resistance to find a target—to invest the time in deciding who I was and who I wanted to serve—resulted in months of spinning my wheels. Feeling stuck. Overwhelmed and undervalued. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Build Your Brand with Confidence and Courage

We will work together to identify and articulate your brand, connecting you to the people and opportunities that will unlock your future. We will create a clear strategy to promote your value in the marketplace, set attainable goals, and overcome any obstacles along the way.

Together, we will unleash your potential.

On a Personal Note

I was born and raised right here in Cleveland, Ohio. My husband, Rick, and I live in Broadview Heights with our two children, Claire and Matthew, and a feisty retriever named Geoffrey. When not in my office, you can usually find me coaching girls’ basketball or cheering for Matt from the 50 yard line. Rick and I share a passion for entertaining friends and family and taking in Broadway shows at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square.